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It can be really frustrating when you can't use your lighter or a match because it's too windy or raining, right? Well luckily for you our stainless steel Permanent Match will be your lifesaver!

Unlike others lighters or matches on the market our match will light every time. With it's unique design and high quality materials you'll be able to light it anywhere, at any time, under any condition. This includes windy, rainy or any other climate that other lighters struggle with. 

This Match can be used over 10.000 TIMES without running OUT!


  • Stainless steel and tough metal body;
  • Waterproof, Works equally well when wet or cold;
  • Good for at least 10,000 strikes;
  • Mini shape, light weight, space-saving and easy to carry;
  • Simply to operate with High Quality;
  • Lights Campfires, Stoves, Gas-Barbecues, BBQ, Paper, Dry Grass, Bark and Maya Dust 
  • Great tool for camping, survival and emergency preparedness. 
  • Applicable at anywhere, anytime and any condition 



  1. Remove the black coating on the fint before first time using;
  2. Add about 2/3 (not too full) fuel into it and soak the match into the fuel;
  3. Take it out and strike it on the flint, then the match with cotton core will be ignited;


  • The igniting time must be less than 10 seconds, for the cotton core would be over-burning after the fuel burn out;
  • Please notice the fuel is not included due to shipping policy, and fuel or gas can be refilled once the fuel run out;
  • If the fire become weaker after using for some time, you may add fuel or pull out the over-burning cotton core a little bit;
  • Don't add too much fuel into it for the fuel may overflow to your hand or clothes, causing fire-catching danger.


Please use precaution when operating the permanent match. Please use responsibly. Do not screw in rod when it is still lit.

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Nice quality, would order again.


Just as described!


My order came fast.


Really cool fast delivery and great price and quality


works great no more without a light great fast delivery

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