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  • High Elasticity Nylon Ankle Support Brace is made out of 100% breathable, natural cotton velour for ultimate comfort! The ankle brace features a universal size design so that it fit your ankle without pinching or bunching.

  • It features a single figure eight strap to provide additional support around the ankle itself while the two velcro closure straps secure the product comfortably around the forefoot and just above the ankle.

  • The High Elasticity Nylon Ankle Support Brace can be used for providing daily, moderate support, for rehabilitation after an ankle sprain, or for managing chronic swelling in the ankle.

    • Fits Right and Left
    • One-Size-Fits-All
    • Extremely low profile
    • Similar to wearing a soft sock
    • Non-allergenic material
    • Can be worn directly on the skin or on top of a sock
    • Breathable & natural materials
    • Washable


    Provides mild & light compression/support, Ankle distortions, Ankle sprains, Post-trauma rehab, Post-rehab sports resumption 

    Key Features

    • Increase ankle stability
    • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
    • Decrease ankle pain symptoms
    • Improve quality of life

 ankle support brace size chart

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