Multi Purpose Fitness Gloves (Pair)

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  • Made of high-quality chloroprene rubber material through careful design and manufacture, with wear-resistant and durable characteristics, but also with the advantages of soft and comfortable, is a practical fitness glove.
  • High tensile strength, elongation and good adhesion.
  • Good breathability, can make both hands in the movement to maintain a good feeling of breathability and dry.
  • Function of anti-skid, when your hands sweat during the movement, it can timely absorb sweat, increase the friction prevent the grip from slipping, play a role of anti-skid protection.
  • Protects the palm from compression and friction, reduces the risk of injury, and protects the skin of the palm when you wear it for strength training.
  • Can be worn in strength training such as dumbbell lifting, weight lifting and push-ups to help you train better.
  • compact, lightweight, portable and suitable for all fitness enthusiasts.

Size: free size 

Package include: 1pair

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