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Kinesiology Tape is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries.

So What Does It Do?

It’s quite amazing really… Kinesiology tape was designed to help in the healing process of traumatised tissue and muscles. When applied correctly the benefits of Kinesiology tape are astonishing. There is still plenty of research being carried out and the results reported from consumers is very positive… the key seems to be how it is applied.

How Does It Work?

In a word – Decompression. Unlike conventional sports tapes that are used to compress the injured area to restrict or immobilize movement, Kinesiology tape aims to lift skin away from the muscle. When applied over a stretched muscle this lifting helps to aid blood flow and oxygen levels to the muscle. Also the lifting of skin may create more space for lymph drainage to get rid of toxins and reduce fatigue.

  • Latex-free and zinc free
  • Water resistant – Won’t fall off in shower or during activity
  • Comfortable – You will hardly notice it’s on
  • Long-lasting – Wear for up to 5 days and carry on with your daily activity
  • Great for all sports and activities

Kinesiology tape can also be used to support the muscle and joints. Use like a standard sports tape to apply compression and help recovery. 

What Can I Use It For?

Kinesiology is great for all sports and activities and safe to use for everyone. Whatever your injury, ache or pain, Kinesiology tape may help to get you back to action. Great for…

  • Back pain
  • Knee injuries
  • Hamstring strain
  • Tennis/Golfers Elbow
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ankle sprain
  • Swelling

Customer Reviews

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Great product


AAA will shop with again


Very cool. Thanks


love it it works perfect for muscle pain or fribryo


So thankful to be able to purchase this economically. My daughter has had shoulder surgery and cheers competitively. She goes through this KT tape a ton for competitions and for football games (she cheers for our HS varsity team too). This is a quality product!! We will be back for more! The thinner tape is good for under her knees and the wider tape she uses for her ankles or she cuts.


I haven’t used the tape yet, but I’ll update my feedback as soon as I have a comment to share.


Everything is as described.


Item as described. Quick delivery. Not used yet


Thank you very much Great Quality & Great Service! I will be ordering more!Looks great!


I love this stuff. I use it about 2 times per week. This is my second order. It is much cheaper than using local KT Tape if you are regularly needing support. I am dealing with an ankle issue and run about 25 miles a week. When training for a big race and you can't take to much time off for recovery, this tape is a miracle. Cut to the size you need. I use 3 squares for most things (there is a measurement grid on the back).